Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector For Wordpress WooCommerce

Published on: 17-07-19 11:29am

Neha Khan

Published on - 17-07-19 11:29am

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector For Wordpress WooCommerce:

Be Ready to avail unified synchronization between WordPress Woocommerce & Marketing Cloud. It is enhancing features of e-commerce and CRM platform with the concept of service first approach. It enables you to sync categories, Products, Customers & Orders from WordPress Woocommerce to Marketing Cloud. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud WooCommerce Connector is an extension which connects Salesforce Marketing Cloud with WordPress WooCommerce.


  • Integrate eCommerce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud seamlessly.
  • This connector sync mainly categories, products, orders, users and subscribers.
  • Sync user data and sales details to send transactional and promotional emails via Marketing Cloud instead of eCommerce System.
  • The connector provides the power to retain more users via Marketing Cloud data-driven email marketing campaign including-
    • New user welcome email and post-purchase thank you an email.
    • Predictive up-sell, cross-sell & hot combo emails based on order history.
    • Automatic products recommendations based on the customer journey.
    • Best customer rewards and various offers emails.
    • Abandoned cart email campaigns, via Marketing Cloud account.
    • Targeted coupon and discount offer that reaches the right users with the right offer via Marketing Cloud.
  • Create automated campaigns via Marketing Cloud directly in journey builder using product, purchase, and user data sync from WooCommerce Store to Marketing Cloud Org.

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