How to restrict product tags in Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify?

Published on: 05-08-21 04:56pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 05-08-21 04:56pm

                                                               Restricting Product Tags For Vendors

Tags are extremely useful to search or to find online content that has been deemed relevant by Internet users surfing online. In Shopify and in Multivendor Marketplace App the option of adding product tags by admin & vendor feature is there which enables or helps the buyer find the product closely relevant to his/her search.

In our Multivendor Marketplace app, we give this feature where the admin can restrict the product tags creations for vendors while adding the product.
You have to first enable the 'restrict product tag' option from the restriction settings of the configuration and click on the Product tag option from the main menu from where you can Add new product tags and enable/disable the existing ones (below image for your ref) :



This way the seller cannot add new product tags and will have to use the tags that are already created by you. This way more organized subcategorization takes place on any of the e-commerce sites when all the vendors uploading products have similar tags to assign and choose from.

Once the Admin restricts the product tag from the configuration, he can now go ahead and add the tags which he wants his seller to use.

For this:

Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Products > Product Tag > Add Product Tag > Save:

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