Can a Shipping Calculator be added on the Shopify Store frontend?

Published on: 31-01-20 02:24pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 31-01-20 02:24pm

Do you want to add a Shipping Calculator option on your Shopify store?

You can very simply add a Shipping Calculator on your cart page so that whenever a customer adds products in the cart, he/she can calculate shipping then and there without actually checking out or entering their account's detail.

This helps customers to know the shipping amount in advance and thus doesn't shock them with the additional shipping charges that they will see on the checkout and this may result in dropping the idea of purchasing the product(s).

Ultimately, this helps to reduce the abandoned checkout rates.

Note: To have this functionality in your store, you need to enable the Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Shipping feature app which is a free shipping app.

Follow the process to activate this functionality:

Shopify Multivendor Admin Panel >> Shipping Configuration >> enable the Shipping Calculator option >> Paste the code given below in the cart.liquid file:

<div id="wk_shipping_calculate_div" class="mp-relative" style="clear: both!important; margin:15px;"> <div id="wk_shipping_calculate"></div><div class='mp-loader mp-absolute'><div class='mp-spinner'></div></div></div>

And voila, you are done!


You can also check out the Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Shipping Calculator blog for more details.


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