Label your Products with Product Flag for Shopify

Published on: 27-12-19 02:54pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 02:54pm

Using the Shopify Product Flag app, Admin can assign flags to products on Product, Home and Category Page and can set its alignment according to his preference.

Admin can choose from default labels that come with the app as well as make new ones.

This feature attracts customer's attraction and makes them aware of the deals going on the products or collections.


Install the App from the following Landing Page:


How to add labels to the products?

Shopify Admin Panel > Products > All Products > click on a particular product > More Actions > Manage Product Flag > gets redirected to the app > Enter the product name, select the label and select the page where you want to display (Home/Category/Product) > Save.


Configure the App:

Shopify Product Flag > Configuration >This includes 4 section:

General, Product Page, Home Page, and Collection Page Settings.


Code Pasting:

Paste the given codes in respective files-

product-template.liquid file

<div id='wk_product_label'></div>

collection.liquid file

<div class='wk_collection_label' data-idproduct={{ }} data-idprohand={{ product.handle }} id="wk_col{{ }}"></div>


Add New Labels:

Shopify Product Flag > All Flags/Labels > Here you can add/edit/delete/disable flags.


Edit/Delete Labelled Products:

Shopify Product Flag > Labelled Products


Check the Shopify Product Flag blog to know more!





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