Salesforce Connector for Shopify

Published on: 24-07-19 08:05pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 24-07-19 08:05pm

Salesforce Connector for Shopify: Shopify and Salesforce Integration is taking e-Commerce & CRM platform to new heights. Now dealing with e-Commerce unlimited data is much easier than never before. Salesforce Connector for Shopify is acting as a bridge between Shopify and Salesforce. It is enhancing features of e-commerce and CRM platform with the concept of service first approach. With the help of this application, admin can easily synchronize Customers, Collections, Products, and orders to Salesforce CRM which will help them to track sales and growth trends.

Note: Application required to install in Salesforce Org  from app exchange:  eShopSync For Shopify


  • Provides unified Salesforce platform to manage both e-Commerce and CRM data
  • Multi-store oriented integration to enhance management of e-Commerce data more efficiently
  • Effective utilization of multiple Shopify stores in single Salesforce CRM
  • Synchronize e-Commerce data at Salesforce end to avail CRM benefits
  • Salesforce Centric configuration concept to avail hassle-free environment
  • Synchronization of Collections from Shopify to Salesforce end
  • Orders and Products synchronization to manage Inventory effectively
  • Customers synchronization as Accounts and Contacts at Salesforce end
  • Interactive design with the user interface at Salesforce end adding on effective data utilization

Salesforce Supported Editions-

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Developer
  • Professional

Salesforce Connector for Shopify 

User Guide:



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