Wallet Management App for Shopify

Published on: 27-12-19 03:26pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 03:26pm

In this article, I am going to briefly discuss one of the most beneficial apps, the Wallet Management app. 

Wallet Management App for Shopify: Video Guide

The main objective of this app:

Enabling this app on your Shopify store will create a wallet concept for your Shopify store i.e. your customers can have their own wallets which they can use to do any transaction related to your Shopify store. They can pay for their orders using this wallet, they can recharge it and even get refunds for their orders in this wallet and much more.

What are some configurations that need to be done for this app?

After you are done installing this app, you can now configure it from the Configuration section:

The configuration has four sections-

  • General Configuration: You need to enter your Domain Name, Business Email, Shop Logo, enable/disable 'Refund to Customer's Wallet' and check what should be the priority on cashback (Maximum or Minimum cashback).
  • Label Configuration: You can alter the labels for the frontend as per your wish.
  • Mail Configuration: You can configure the emails that will be sent to your customers regarding any update in their wallets.
  • Theme Configuration: You can edit the theme color as per your choice. 

Setting Cashback Rules:

From this page, you can add/edit/view the cashback rules. Cashback rules are just the set of conditions depending on which cashback will be provided to your customers.

While adding a new rule, you need to enter the time duration for which the rule is applicable, select that the cashback is on which category (eg. Products), select the product, enter the price of the product, choose the cash back option (Fixed/Percentage) & enter the cashback amount.

You can even import products by date on which you want to set cashback rules.

Wallet Customers:

This section will contain a list of all the customers and their wallet details. You can view the detail of their transaction history from this page. You can even add the amount to their wallets from here.

Refund Request:

This page will contain a list of all the refund requests made by your customers. You can simply refund them by clicking on the three dots under the Action menu and then clicking on the Refund Amount button.

Transfer Detail:

This section will show details only if the Admin has enabled the 'Do you want to give the customer to transfer wallet amount to other wallets option'.

In this case, a list of all the customers who have transferred the money from their wallet to other Shopify store customer's wallets will be shown in this section with transferred amount & date details.

FAQ page:

This page will let you add/edit/delete faqs related to this concept for your customers.

Configure Frontend:

This will have all the codes that need to be pasted in the liquid files for having this feature displayed on the frontend for your customers.


For a much detailed look of this app, visit the Shopify Wallet Management app blog!




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