Is it possible to show the POS cart screen to my customers in a customer facing screen?

Published on: 21-01-22 05:39pm

Arpita Gupta

Published on - 21-01-22 05:39pm

As we know, usually, the POS system is user/cashier facing. However, if you want to show your customers the cart screen so that they can be more connected while making a purchase, you can check out our Odoo POS Customer Cart Screen module. Please Note: This module is dependent on the Odoo Customer Screen Base module. The latter acts as the framework module to provide the structure to add the Customer Cart screen. With Odoo POS. The base module needs to be installed first for Odoo POS Customer Cart
Screen Module to work properly.

1 How can we ask the customers for review when they visit & shop at our store?
Ans: Taking customer reviews definitely helps us to improve our business. So, if you wish that there should be a tool with the help of which you could ask the customers to write/give a review each time they visit & shop at your store, you can check out our Odoo POS Review Screen.


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