How to translate some parameters like first email, Choose domain, Please wait, Second email?

Published on: 10-01-22 06:57pm

Arpita Gupta

Published on - 10-01-22 06:57pm

In order to change (translate) certain parameters like the (First email, Choose Domain, Please wait, and the Second email), the saas admin need to make manual changes in the respective templates.

Please note that the admin needs to be extra careful while editing the respective templates as it can lead to issues.

Steps are mentioned below.

a) Login from the admin account to your Odoo.

b) Enable the developer mode and then go to settings and go to Translations and select 'Export Translation'.

c) By clicking on the Export translation, you will get the Export translation Wizard. You need to select the PO file and the app for which you want to export the translation.

d) After clicking on the Export option, you will get the PO file, make the desired changes in the PO file.

e) After making the desired changes for translations, you need to import the same updated file.

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