Does Webkul creates Custom Application for its customers?

Zeba Hakim

Published on - 02-02-18 08:09pm

Yes, Webkul Creates the custom application for its customer as a step to Compliance the innovative mindset of its customer. For this, all you need to do is 'share your ideas' with us. After which we will proceed with the Application development phase which involves:

1- Your Idea- You just need to submit your App ideas which you require to be developed.

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2- Planning and Prototyping- A Brainstorming session would be conducted by us and a prototype or blueprint would be created based on your idea.

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3- Designing-The design of any application requires several Tools and Techniques to describe the functioning of the application.Tools are- Flowchart, Data flow diagram (DFD), Data dictionary, Structured English, Decision table and Decision tree.

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4- Development-In this phase we give shape to the foundation created in previous phases by integrating all the features and functionalities. 

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4- Testing- The Quality product is our benchmark, which can be best achieved via testing.

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5- Launch-Now, the application is deployed and launch post vigours quality analysis.

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6- Support- We provide our customers full and best support for the development done at our end.

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