What is the difference between Social Login module and SSO module?

Published on: 13-10-21 11:13am

Saurabh Singh

Published on - 13-10-21 11:13am

The main differences between Social Login and the SSO(Single Sign-On) Module are given below –

  • Account Type Supported

The Social Login module supports social networking accounts like – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked In, and Instagram using which the customers can sign up to the Magento 2 website. Thus, the customers need not manage the login ID and password for the Magento 2 website separately.

But using the Single Sign-On module, the user can enter the login credentials in the third-party application like Uvdesk, Erp system, etc, and be logged in to Magento 2 store simultaneously.

  • Account Creation

Using the social networking accounts, when a customer goes for registering himself at the Magento store and the customer does not exists in Magento DB, then an account gets created using the social networking account.

While in the case of SSO, a customer must have the account/credentials for both the third-part application as well as Magento so as to perform a Single Sign-On.

  • Sign In & Sign Up

Using Social login module, customers will be able to Sign In/Sign Up to the Magento website using their social networking account.

While in the case of the SSO module, the customer will only be able to log in to the Magento website using their third-party application credentials.

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