Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: Taxjar Feature App

Published on: 27-12-19 03:10pm

Saurav Pathak

Udgivet på - 27-12-19 03:10pm

The Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Taxjar feature app lets you calculate sales tax on products automatically. The Admin can allow their Sellers to collect sales tax from the buyers in the state where they have sales tax nexus. The Sellers will create sales tax nexus by adding nexus store address details.

Mark: To make this feature app work, you need to enable the MP Checkout feature app of Shopify Multivendor Marketplace. Also, the Admin needs to have an account on Taxjar because he will be needing a few details while configuring this featured app. 



Configure Admin's End:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel >> Orders >> Tax Settings >> Enter the API Key (login to your Taxjar account to get your API Key) >> Taxjar Product Category Mapping >> Save.

Taxjar Product Category Mapping: Admin needs to map all the product categories of his store with the Taxjar category. This will help in automatic sales tax calculation on the products mapped with the tax jar category.

Configure Seller's End:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel >> Orders >> Store Nexus Address >> Here, the Seller will have a default Nexus address >> Add Address >> Enter store address, City, Zip code, Country >> Save.

On the same page, you can edit/delete the already added addresses.


This was all for Taxjar featured app. Do have a look at the Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Taxjar feature app blog.




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