Payment Flow in the Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify

Published on: 11-02-21 11:01am

Mansi Rana

Published on - 11-02-21 11:01am

In the Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace app, whenever an order gets placed the whole amount received first goes to the Admin's account and then the Admin needs to send that amount to the Seller using any of the payment methods available in Shopify Multivendor Marketplace.

There are four Payment Methods in Shopify Multivendor Marketplace out of which, two are Offline Payment Methods and two are Online Payment Methods:

  • Online Payment Methods-

PayPal & PayFast

  • Offline Payment Methods-

Internet Banking & Bank Wire Transfer


Admin's End Configuration:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel >> Payment Configuration >> Payment Methods Configuration >> Checkmark the methods you want your Sellers to have >> Save.


Seller's End Configuration:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel >> Profile >> Payment Details >> Choose the Payment Method >> Save.

Admin can change the Payment Method selected by a Seller from his panel, here is how:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel >> Sellers >> Seller Listing >> Edit (under Action) >> More Action >> Seller Payment Details.


How does the Admin pay to his Sellers?

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel >> Payment >> Seller Payments >> View (under Action) >> All Payment Details >> Select Payment Resource >> Manual/Paypal >> Enter the amount >> Pay to Seller.



You may also have a look at the Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Payment Flow blog.








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