Lightning Deals App for Shopify

Published on: 24-07-19 08:29pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 24-07-19 08:29pm

Shopify Lightning Deals App will let you create deals on your products and collections. 


Let's have a look at some of its features:

  • Admin can create deals product/collection wise.
  • He can put fixed or percentage discounts as deals on the products/collections.
  • Admin can define a validity period for the deals to last for.


From where I can install the app?

Go to the following link and enter your shop URL then hit install:

What all configurations are needed to be done?

The configuration of this app has mainly three sections: General, Label & Theme Configuration. Configure them according to your preference and save the changes.


Is there any code pasting required for this app?

Yes, you need to configure frontend and for this click on the 'Configure Frontend' button on the top right. Here, you will find two methods of code pasting i.e. Auto Code Injection & Manual Code Injection.

For Manual Code Injection paste the given in sections/product-template.liquid file.

{% include 'wk-dd-collection-widget' %}


How to display deals page on your frontend store?

Follow the process:

Shopify Admin Panel > Online Store > Navigation > Main Menu > Add Menu Item > Enter a title for your page & search for a deals page in the link bar > Save.


Steps to create deals:

Shopify Admin Panel > Apps > Lightning Deals App > Daily Deals > Add New Deal > Enter Deal Name > Select Deal Product (Collection/ Specific Product) > Enter discount (Fixed/Percentage) > Validity > Save Changes.

Note: If the product you added on the deal is already assigned with a deal prior to this one then the current deal will be abolished.  

Deals created can be further edited/deleted/disabled by the Admin.


What if I want to uninstall this application?

Before uninstalling this application, make sure that you delete all the deals created on the app so that the prices of the products go back to their original prices.


To know more, please check out the Shopify Lightning Deals app blog!





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