Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: Daily Deals Feature App

Published on: 24-07-19 08:29pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 24-07-19 08:29pm

You might have used our Shopify Lightning Deals App which allows Admin to add deals on products and collections.

Now, we have integrated this amazing app with our Shopify Multivendor Marketplace thus creating a new featured app namely Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Daily Deals app.

This featured app allows the Admin to grant permission to the Sellers to create deals on his/her products.



Few Features:

  • Sellers create deals.
  • Admin can set deal validity.
  • Admin can set commissions on products set on deal.
  • Admin can monitor products on the deal from the Lightning deal app i.e. Shopify Admin Panel.


Install the app:

You need to install the Lightning Deals app first on your Shopify Store after which you can install the Daily Deals app from the feature app section of Shopify Multivendor Marketplace. 


Configuration from Admin's end:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Configuration > Product Configuration > Enable the Daily Deal Product option > Enter deal expiry date > Save Changes.


Add commission on daily deal products:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Commission > Daily Deal Commission Settings > Enter the % commission value > Save.


How Sellers can add products on a deal?

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel > Products > Product Listing > Click on three dots under Action column of a specific product > Add to Deal > Select the product variant, enter the start date & the discount value > Save changes.

Make sure that the Daily Deal discount price should be less than the original price of the product.

Further, Seller can edit/delete added daily deals on products.  


For more, do check out the Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Daily Deals feature app blog!






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