Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: API Featured App

Published on: 24-07-19 08:33pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 24-07-19 08:33pm

API: Application Programming Interface which is the set of tools and protocols that will help you build software and much more.




Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel >> Click on the three dots on the top right of the panel >>Multivendor API.

This has two sections:

Multivendor API & Multivendor API Reference 



Let's see each one at a time:

  • Multivendor API

In this section, the Admin can generate API credentials, API DOC & Add User.

Clicking on the Generate Credential will give you client credentials for API with Client ID & Client Secret Key.

Click on Add User to add them as users to access the API >> Enter the username, email, password, confirm password >> Save.

Now, coming to API DOC:

API DOC is the document where all the APIs are listed as URLs in the POST, GET & PUT form.

POST- Developers can interface with other API or systems to get the desired outcome and is most often utilized to create new resources.

GET- Read or Retrieve a representation of a resource or information.

PUT- Information that we are sending in our request to be stored at the given URI (Universal Resource Identifier). We are simply just putting the resource at this address.

To have API details, click on a particular API >> Click on Sandbox >> Under Header >> Enter Key: Authorization & Value: Bearer<space>Your_Access_Token >> Try.

  • Multivendor API Reference

In this section, you will have the reference, type, and path of API; clicking on which a developer will get the code with which selected API's information can be fetched.


To know more, take a look at the Shopify Multivendor Marketplace API feature app blog.





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