Pre-Order Controller for Shopify

Published on: 27-12-19 03:48pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 03:48pm

Let your customers pre-order the products that are currently out-of-stock on your store or upcoming new launches. Customers can place their orders for such products in advance by paying either the partial or full amount of the product (as per the configuration is done by you); when the product will become available, a notification will be sent to the customers via email.

  • This app comes with a 7-days free trial period at a monthly cost of $18.
  • Pre-Order Controller for Shopify: Video Guide

  • For pre-ordering, your customers need to have an account in your store. So, make sure to mark the customer account as required from the Shopify settings.

(Shopify Backend > Settings > Checkout > Customer Accounts > Accounts are required > Save)


  • From this app, you can do the given settings & much more:
  1. Define pre-order countdown timer
  2. Set the quantity limit of the product for pre-order
  3. Enable/Disable 'notify me' button on the product description page
  4. Show pre-order count on the product description page
  5. You can customize the Frontend labels and emails (to be sent to your customers) for this app
  • Code-pasting:

Admin will have two options for code pasting; manual as well as auto code injection, configure this from the configure front section of this app.

  • You can create a separate menu on the frontend for all the products available for pre-ordering.

For this: Shopify backend > Online store > navigation > main menu > add menu > type the title for the menu (eg. Pre-order Products) > search for pages > select pre-order listing > save. 

  • While making the product available for pre-ordering, you will have an option to set the payment of the pre-order product as full/partial/both. 

If you have set the payment as partial or both and your customer paid the partial amount then on his account page, he will have an option to directly pay the remaining payment. Also, on the same page, the customer will have an option to reorder the same product.



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