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Published on: 25-07-19 11:45am

Saurav Pathak

Published on - 25-07-19 11:45am

The Booking App for Shopify will let the Admin create a booking on his products. He can create two kinds of bookings, i.e., Appointment (time-wise) type Booking & Concert (day-wise) type Booking. He can create a booking for a single user or for multi-users.

Booking app for Shopify: video guide

In Appointment type booking, you need to select days of the week and create particular slots of timing which will be the same and applicable for all the selected weekdays.

In Concert type booking, you can create different time slots for individual weekdays that you wish for.

The booking app has six sections:

  • Dashboard- You can get an overview of information like booking stats, earning, account information, upcoming guests/customers & notifications.
  • Booking Products- Here, you will have a list of all the booking products added by you which you can directly enable/disable, view in front, edit & remove from this page.
  • Bookings- Here, you will have details of all the bookings created by your customers (in an unapproved state, if configured so). From here you can approve the booking, reschedule the booking or cancel the booking.
  • Calendar View- Here, you can view your bookings in a calendar view.
  • Configuration- Here, you have 6 parts to configure; General, Booking, Email Templates, Booking Widget, Frontend Labels, and Colors.
  • Configure Front- Here, you will have codes that need to be pasted to make the booking feature appear on the frontend. You can do this manually or automatically.    

How to create a booking product? 

To create booking products, follow the process:

Shopify Backend >> Products >> All Products >> Select the product for booking >> Edit >> More Actions >> Booking Product >>

you will be redirected to booking app 

>> Enter the product name, select the variant of that product & select the booking type (Appointment/Concert) >> Proceed 

you will be redirected to edit booking products section 

>> Edit Product Information >> Edit Location >> Availability >> Custom Info >> Custom Fields >> Save.

How to reschedule/cancel a booking?

Shopify Backend >> Booking Product App >> Booking Section >> Select the particular booking >> Edit >> Reschedule Booking Section

>> Enter the Slots for another day >> Click on Reschedule Booking.

>> Click on Cancel Booking button.

Code Pasting for Frontend?

Shopify Backend >> Booking Product App >> Configure Front >> Either Auto-inject the code or do it manually.

For Manual code pasting, copy-paste the codes given below in respective liquid files:


{% if product.tags contains "wk_booking" %}
{% include 'bc-widget' %}
{% endif %}


{% if %}
<p><u><a href="https://{{ shop.domain }}/pages/booking-information/{{ }}?handle={{ line_item.variant_id }}">View Booking Details</a></u></p>
{% endif %}


 For detailed information about this app, please have a look at Shopify Booking App blog.




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