Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: USPS Shipping Feature App

Published on: 24-07-19 08:30pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 24-07-19 08:30pm

Using the Shopify Multivendor Marketplace USPS Shipping Feature App, Admin can let his Sellers ship their products using USPS and they can also automatically create Shipping Labels using integration.


Remember: This feature works with Shopify Multivendor Marketplace PRO plan only and you need to enable the free Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Shipping feature app.

Only Admin needs to have the USPS account to configure this feature.



Configure Admin End:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Configuration

> Payment Configuration > Set Shipping Cost as Admin Only.

> Shipping Configuration > Select the USPS Shipping > Save.

> USPS Configuration > Make the desired changes > Save.


Configure Seller End:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel > Configuration > Shipping Configuration > Select USPS Shipping & make the desired configuration > Save.


Generate Shipping Labels:

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel > Orders > View > Under Additional Order Details > Generate Shipping Labels.


Check out the USPS Shipping feature app blog.







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